Dru Smith - Flex Season

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6:33 PM November 27, 2013 mastamindatl said:

Look in my eyes, you kan see the pain, been goin hard since yo known me you ain't peep game . True **** fooly
11:13 PM September 16, 2013 bugmenot said:

Double S/O To The #NashMade Trailer
9:28 AM July 30, 2013 bigtats said:

**** hard as fuk
9:32 PM June 29, 2013 dhakidd3 said:

Been thru it all! Rep fa dem niggas going thru da struggle. Zone3 ****n witch's big homie
3:31 PM April 20, 2013 Designerkush said:

dru smith done killed another mixtape
2:40 AM April 20, 2013 HARDNARDDAREALEST1 said:

Smitti, wat u say: count up , count up, count up , count up, SAY NO MO.....DRU said its FLEX SEASON....REAL KINGS OF DA CITY....MONEY BAGZ ....Salute3times...S/O play2winLLC....
11:11 AM April 19, 2013 jullian811 said:

S/O To The #NashMade Trailer
8:39 AM April 19, 2013 mz_polo said:

I'm ****ing With Dru Smith Da Hard Way