The R.O.A.R - She's Out Of Control! EP

A born and raised rock junkie, The R.O.A.R. finds himself crossing the medium into the electronic realm. Straddling the line between Coachella and Ultra music Festival is where you will find the R.O.A.R., a live Artist/DJ that can cater to both types of crowds. Having paid his dues touring the world in a van, playing in underground PUNK BANDS, and performing on NATIONAL TV with his Electro-Rock combo The Fire and Reason, The R.O.A.R. has been building towards this perfect storm his whole life. Returning to his rock roots, "She's Out Of Control" has the kind of distorted electric bass line that most rock bands would kill for now a day. Not quick to leave behind his new mistress of electronic dance music, "She's Out of Control" has the build up and drop structure you would find on your favorite dance floor. "She's Out Of Control" tells the tale of an amalgam of people. The listener is left to ponder will they just stand idly by and watch or will they stand and fight to help the person they care about. "She's Out Of Control" is a twist on the bright lights big city tale, where a beautiful young soul is seduced by the smooth talking, money flashing "bigwigs" and slowly becomes what they may have hated in the beginning... With remixes by the incredible ETC! ETC!, WRKD, and Sandwich Island Bass, each artist helps bring the song right back into the dance floor. Who says you can't have meaningful, emotional, soulful club music that is a little more rock than meets the ear.

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3:53 PM April 27, 2018 jorge2017a1 said:

..bien--buenos sonidos buenos recuerdos