Trillwave - TrapGodz Vol. II

TRILLWAVE releases their second EP, TRAPGODZ vol II, unto the world in a fury of bass, menacing samples, and pure energy. The EP takes you, start to finish, through a journey of psychedelic wave and purple ooze. Forged in a digital Pyrex pot, Twerkle and TrapLee Jones combine of six months of work, a pound of kush, and more then you make a year in Monster Rehab. This music is only for only three things - counting bands, selling grams, and driving Lambs.

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11:51 PM April 22, 2013 TheCovKids said:

Jason Burns eat a ****!
11:47 PM April 22, 2013 TheCovKids said:

3:59 AM April 21, 2013 braimfer said:

warFARE !
10:59 PM April 20, 2013 RJamesB said:

This The Best Album To Bumb My 6 15's Home Sub's And Car. Ima Push This Album To My Peep's For Sure!!
9:08 PM April 20, 2013 phillyjoe said:

a little bit different. i like it
4:45 PM April 20, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

3:05 PM April 20, 2013 brittanysabra said:


I just had a seizure watching the EP coverart.The illest that there can be.
2:52 PM April 20, 2013 CharlestheGod said:

oh god, purple ooze is flowing out of my speakers right now. trillwave or drown.

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