C-Tho & Jay Hen Gwoppa - East Rogers Park Poltergeist

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8:41 PM March 15, 2014 NorthSideShawtyZone6 via Mobile:

Downloading every single tape i c JAY HEN GWOPPA name on +1 #SWISHBANG
10:21 AM October 9, 2013 ticosuin said:

im downloading all yo **** gwoppa my homie jus put me on to you
9:18 AM September 21, 2013 mesha1986 said:

Gwoppa Baby miss u :)
6:12 AM May 15, 2013 directtvv said:

from texas to the midwest jay hen gwoppa got sum heat this new guy ctho hot i heard him on flamin hot gwoppas last mixtape shorty gwoppa
4:31 PM May 3, 2013 bangbangcce said: