Sy Ari Da Kid - The Heartbreak Kid 2

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3:15 PM June 19, 2016 Daxfactor555 via Mobile:

Sy Ari agape still one of my favorite tracks
10:56 AM January 10, 2014 DamnD7 said:

nice *** mixtape
4:18 PM October 14, 2013 chpboy81 said:

Mane If It Wasnt For Slim Dunkin I Would Not Be Listening to Sy Ari Da Kid Yo And I Heard Sy Ari Taught Him How To Rap Too #RipslimDunkin But Sy Ari Da Kid Should Be A Big Name Rapper Tho
10:03 PM July 29, 2013 goonboy21 said:

sy ari gone get rich im tellin you bummmsauce
6:22 PM June 10, 2013 Skinnii17 said:

It makes me mad that people like 2 Chainz are big for no reason when guys like Sy Ari Da Kid put in mad work and make way better music. Im not trippin though cause its just a matter of time.
9:01 PM May 28, 2013 6cedric said:

Sy Ari Da Kid is so underated he goes hard!!!
10:03 PM May 21, 2013 ishmael08 said:

**** is hot as ****
7:29 PM May 18, 2013 Matown said:

Sy Ari Da kid is the most slept on INDY MC in the rap game. Need that The Brith mixtape ASAP.