Paid Crew - Before The Riches

DJs: DJ Plugg
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12:18 AM August 17, 2015 Laforever said:

love this
8:04 PM October 11, 2013 lilavery08 said:

remember of the '09, '10 school year days haha shoutout 4'z up and willafool
6:25 AM May 7, 2013 backspace18 via Mobile:

Uh ohhh we got us a hater ...! That's what's up cashy yaw keep up the GOOD work ! Fuxkn with the mixtape!
4:12 AM May 6, 2013 moonman85 said:

I couldn't even ride to this. these boys is tryna steal yung la and j money swag. They should b called da swagger jackas.
9:09 PM May 5, 2013 genorval1slay said:

i fuc wit evry son on here salute to yall boys