Moduloktopus - Remixtopus

The oceanic imagination of the electronic music chameleon Moduloktopus is quite fathomless. The Dominican born producer blasts us with a vast spectrum of remixes that range from deep soulful moments of Zen to sweating body dancefloor climaxes, top40 Pop flips to Experimental drips, Jersey Club to Grime, Jungle to Reggae Trap, Drum n Bass to Hip Hop, Dominican drums to sub woofer thumps, and the list goes on… Never making the same remix sound like the next, Remixtopus is more than just Trap, it's a paradigm shift to the name. Refusing to be pigeon holed or boxed into a genre, every remix posses a unique sound in connection to the artists chosen. This conglomeration of genres and interpretations fit into the big picture he calls Multi-Genre Bass Music.

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