Choppa Zoe - Spittin Fie

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1:23 AM June 4, 2013 bkstaylive said:

Crazy iam just hearing about choppa zoe few months ago son is a problem I like all his music this mixtape is crazy my fav on this is #7 I love the whole mixtape!!!
10:12 AM May 25, 2013 305rocka said:

Dis ***** go hard crazy that dis don't have 100,000 downloads tho wtf dis mixtape way better than most of this trash that we call music I ****s wit it!!! #salute
5:25 PM May 13, 2013 choppinggame said:

This the same dude on Wyclef new mixtape..... #salute
9:49 AM May 13, 2013 Dboy2187 said: