Dorrough Music - Shut The City Down


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3:06 PM May 1, 2016 4thcoast via Mobile:

Y'all sum fools i bump this **** in indiana. Dorrough dat dude its sad y'all can't support yo city.
7:49 PM August 18, 2015 ThuggedOut13 via Mobile:

you'll niggas burnt out!!!
1:10 AM October 6, 2013 kushtipher said:

Furthemore yall whole club scene suck, Dallas is a white, hispanic, asian city. I moved here from
The A cause my wife got a job transfer and I'm miserable af here.
1:03 AM October 6, 2013 kushtipher said:

Dorrough is the only dude from Dallas anybody outside of Dallas heard of and yall dogging this dude out like yall have someone else reppin yall city! Yall slooow af and yall local artist suck!
12:38 PM August 14, 2013 DLD214 said:

True, this is a disgrace to the Triple D , this **** is garbage
11:03 AM August 11, 2013 bcharris08 said:

couldnt even make it thru the 1st song
8:29 PM July 30, 2013 JetLife214 said:

A Motha****ing disgrace to the Triple D
12:01 AM July 13, 2013 dddtowns via Mobile:

We do it big in the Triple D doe bro