Loco'Dunit - Bad Habits

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1:57 PM August 5, 2013 DJChoice317 via Mobile:

This mixtape goes hard and anyone that disagrees has got the game all ****ed up.
12:05 PM August 5, 2013 Vis4Villain said:

-1...formulaic...no personality;)V
4:36 PM August 3, 2013 smokedoutgezin said:

salute homey!
7:13 AM August 3, 2013 rebelyus said:

@Zyzz quit whining !!! Trap music no. The Mane still do the same ****. Just less of it. Dont be a hater all ya mutha f*king life . Loco go hard *****!!! Y& D
9:39 PM August 2, 2013 zyzz via Mobile:

This nigga only had one good mix tape and that's "lil loco yella tape" after that he just makes generic trap ****
4:15 PM August 2, 2013 DaKiLLaMaN420 said:

finally this **** comes out...next week mafia $$$ cant wait!!!
9:33 PM June 30, 2013 mightykool901 said:

real Blackhaven nigga here I ****s wit @LocoDunit the long way. Keep up the good work my guy
7:53 AM June 13, 2013 djpaulandjuicyj said:

this bout to go in hope u be all on dis mafia6ix wen it drop loco