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Elhae is today's Renaissance Man... a musical genius who knows no boundaries in his art. Hailing from Savannah, GA, Elhae is on the brink of becoming a young breakthrough artist that has so much to offer music, and the music business itself. But whats most important to Elhae is his philosophy on life by offering an undeniable truth in that "Every Life Has An Ending" (ELHAE). To Elhae, this means that we only live once! @Elhae

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11:53 PM June 28, 2015 theponyisday said:

4:04 PM April 26, 2015 Streeter22 said:

Love Elhae! Stay original!
2:50 PM June 8, 2013 Based_Coalition via Mobile:

He was born in Savannah but raised in Warner Robins. Put Warner Robins on the map before those Based Coalition guys takeover.
11:20 PM May 24, 2013 yungH_O said:

4:13 PM May 24, 2013 cherryred23 said:

Baby from Savannnah I see you 912
4:12 PM May 24, 2013 cherryred23 said:

sound like drake
12:49 PM May 24, 2013 cedmo1985 said:

this kid got next for real look out for him