Street Bass Bootlegs 3

DJs: Dev 79
The Street Bass Summer jumps off with the third installment of the widely popular Street Bass Bootlegs mixtape compilation series. It's been nearly a year since Seclusiasis Street Bass tsars, Starkey and Dev79, delivered the last installment of Street Bass Bootlegs and its well worth the wait. Dev79 presents Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 3 is bigger than its predecessor a staggering 18 tracks that ebbs and flows effortlessly through extraterrestrial crunk, atmospheric R&B, scattershot hi-hat grime, and gully Martian hiphop. Or, simply put, the all-consuming NSFW swagger that is Street Bass!

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5:51 PM June 13, 2013 Dev79 said:

big up everyone checking out the compilation!!
9:15 AM June 12, 2013 Beefcakes2 said:

Track 3 kills it
4:19 AM June 12, 2013 Enhancer said:

phat bass sick tracks.nice work from VANCOUVER BC
8:12 PM June 9, 2013 lrocha4 said:

Good. **** no doubt
1:10 PM June 7, 2013 marioisme via Mobile:

Lets go Baltimore!!!!!!!!
12:26 PM June 7, 2013 rarKelly said:

11:30 AM June 7, 2013 tillamonsta said:

this one's gonna ride all summer, turn^
1:36 AM May 29, 2013 Dev79 said:

I can't wait to drop this sickness on ya'll - Friday June 7th at 12pm EST get it here!