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Chuck Inglish - Droptops

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Uploaded 05/23/2013
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3:50 AM November 4, 2013 t_r_j said:

I didn't like The Cool Kids at first but they grew on me now I **** with the duo cds and solos
12:17 AM June 27, 2013 mista_1300 said:

this nigga is hot. **** fire
11:50 AM May 30, 2013 olg33 said:

Rocks needs to get off the rocks and get back with this dude asap hes on fire right now
11:11 PM May 29, 2013 jlwilliams83 said:

This is dope
4:24 PM May 29, 2013 GoneGears said:

4 12s like its 94'
3:40 AM May 28, 2013 DOPEassKEV said:

I Fxk wit Chuck a lil more because as a Producer, he has more control on what he does cuz he produces. Hearing this, You can tell it was Chuck who was really behind the CK Movement
3:36 AM May 28, 2013 DOPEassKEV said:

my god! I was really thinking about making beats and i gave up on that idea, But damn, When i played #7 Thats all the inspiration i needed! *Downloads Fruity Loops and Drum Kits* +1
2:51 AM May 28, 2013 mightymouseaj said:

only 143??!! yall sleeping