Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko - Vampsterdam

Featured INDY Re-Release

Coming of age on the streets of Seattle, Nacho Picasso and Russian-American Avatar Darko have only become brothers of scum in the last couple years after meeting at SXSW. Nacho's twisted, syrupy slow raps and Avatar's flippant attitude toward everything except his Russian heritage are all a given. The two degenerates also bring out the best - or worst - of each other, depending upon how its looked at, both in content and style. Vampsterdam is the result of many drug-fueled, early-morning recording sessions in Seattle and Los Angeles.

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4:11 AM March 17, 2018 CarmenSanchezColello via Mobile:

And guns and use blacks to cook and clean
4:11 AM March 17, 2018 CarmenSanchezColello via Mobile:

White crackers sell drugs
4:08 AM December 4, 2013 TNNBNUTTY said:

Dis old AS ****
4:26 AM December 1, 2013 LDTREX said:

It's a re-release fool.
2:56 PM November 30, 2013 Bosstycoon74 said:

Seattle stand up, all the way from the tac to the souf end ! GDN
12:17 PM November 30, 2013 pckevo said:

This tape has been out for almost 6 months....a little late Livemixtapes?
He already dropped another tape after this, called Boris The Blade.
Super late
10:55 AM November 30, 2013 cheeksyb said:

avatar is off tha ****s...look up nasa/lights out
11:48 PM November 29, 2013 christopherwalrus said:

COP THIS if you don't have. Nacho has bars (learn about it) and Avatar goes in here. "Its been said I'm demented/I'm like an ignorant Kendrick/I'm from Seattle like Hendrix" NACHO!