JABB - Da Oceans EP

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1:35 PM January 3, 2014 eazyb33 said:

Smooth *** mixtape
11:30 PM July 12, 2013 cnieto20 said:

11:31 AM July 8, 2013 swooper32 said:

Who ever sign him need to come with that $$$. He got some **** for the whole world to hear
9:06 AM July 6, 2013 blacktrump4life said:

This is album material and you should've been signed already....your time is coming homie
12:45 PM June 25, 2013 DjHaaaan said:

Yeezus, Born Sinner, The Gifted, Magna Carta Holy Grail....then Da Oceans EP. Talk about a hell of a summer!
1:05 PM June 21, 2013 yeayeaa91 said:

didn't even realize that was the whole EP
1:02 PM June 21, 2013 yeayeaa91 said:

I see why he #1 on the site the nigga is nice!!!! the Return, Live From Da O, Conscience, respect, Lately, One Time, Searchin, Testify is fire
9:30 AM June 17, 2013 yungnpaid31 said:

been ****in wit you since pXp you up next #signJABB