Richie Fareal - LXXXV

Born and Raised in Oakland California. Bay Area Native (Richie Fareal) has a universal sound that he can call his own. Richie was first exposed to music in his teen years through the 1's and 2's. Developing his DJ skills at a young age, from mixing to scratching, Richie was certain this would be his path. Like many DJ's he eventually got into music production. Fast forward to 2013. Richie has developed a minimal, synth based melodic sound mixed with with heavy vocal processing. Creating a dream scape backdrop for the gritty up front, in your face vocal that provides energy without being overproduced. Through growing up in Oakland CA, Richie found a middle ground between the realities and grit of the street life and channels it through music. Following the success of RICHIES debut EP, He spent the year self producing and crafting the sound that makes LXXXV the creative piece it is. Musically, RICHIE both polished and expanded his approach, retaining the dark melodic sound he has since perfected. With electronic and blues influences RICHIE has found comfort in a sound he calls his own. RICHIES use of deep harmony creates the ambient yet gritty melodic mood thats prevalent through-out LXXXV. In scope, palette, and composition, LXXXV is a successful leap for an artist that has a promising career ahead.

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11:46 PM October 3, 2013 ladklap said:

Good ****..