Louis Pasteur - #420

DJ Pill One aka Eugene Piltsev is one of the biggest DJs in Russian hip-hop/rap industry. He is also known as most demanded Russian DJ of 2012, he visited a lot of cities of Russia and the nearest countries, he made his own shows and also was invited to a lof of festivals. Pill One made his own career on radio staton also, he was doing his own show on "Studio 102.4 FM". A lot of thigs changed and DJ Pill One moved to Saint Petersburg city in 2006, where he done grew up fast too. Right now DJ Pill One is workin with his dream team - #AVG. They are know for playing trap music and doing real dirty parties, and that what made them "the main opening in night life of St. Petersburg in 2012".

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9:11 AM July 16, 2013 RapInYo said:

this tracks are too short
2:54 PM July 7, 2013 MrDizzee said:

12:42 PM July 7, 2013 8rilliant said:

N-Kamsk zdess!)
11:55 AM June 20, 2013 chrisnfreezy said:

make me wanna catch a flight outta atl to moscow
5:36 AM June 17, 2013 Told said:

2:03 PM June 16, 2013 HoLoDogg said:

ahahah) zaebis' This is Ufa! Russia
8:44 AM June 16, 2013 psyterror said:

up dat **** rus bros
1:28 PM June 15, 2013 BoomDaBass83 said:

big thangs in russia for trap music y'all should recodnize