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Lil Wayne - The Greatest Rapper Alive, Part 5

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Uploaded 04/06/2009
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Originally released on Nov. 1, 2007

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7:56 PM September 10, 2016 Kingstaystrapped via iOS App:

5:33 PM August 19, 2013 bootlegseb said:

niggas who hate songs like #12 dont know that its drug induced. so pop x or molly and i bet you'll end up listening to that over and over when you meet a badd one lol
9:07 PM January 2, 2013 jaecas said:

It goes to show how wack s--- is now.. Back in tha day lil Wayne was one of the worst he threw on a pair of skinny jeans on and he is one is one of tha best rappers alive.... GARBAGE
5:06 PM September 8, 2012 dualhazzard said:

Had to vote down cause livemixtapes wont let me download it so i cant even listen to it
6:51 PM July 11, 2012 Lamarjenkins said:

what up weezy
12:13 AM April 3, 2012 j_tip69 said:

wy do ppl take the time to look up wayne, if they hatein on em? they jus gotta secret lil crush on em!
7:42 PM March 24, 2012 jaysus said:

nigga burn this city is the hardest song on here
11:35 PM January 26, 2012 ebaby501 said: