Will T - The Truth

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7:44 AM October 16, 2013 luke501 said:

2:29 AM July 12, 2013 tsbarbee said:

talent is talent no matter the color. an he kilt that started from the bottom joint.
8:14 PM June 19, 2013 jgeekd said:

racist as **** -_- you aint saying **** bout basketball white people invented that sport js c; and some white rappers are way better than the black ones out now cuz all of em got the same sound same
2:57 AM June 17, 2013 datziggidy said:

hell no, not sum white craker mac miller look honky ****,er body wanna b a rapper,even white kids,that **** funny,if this wer the 90s that **** would b a joke,and it still is