Azizi Gibson - Ghost In The Shell

Spotted At Hypetrak

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9:03 PM May 11, 2014 byron_shults said:

Real *** music right here, right now. Saw him live at Cat's Cradle last night, and met his sisters. I'm a fan. It's #CrunchTime!!!
10:24 PM May 2, 2014 marshknotts via Mobile:

One of the most underrated tapes on the whole website.
1:23 AM November 25, 2013 trapaholic96 said:

Niggahs be sleepinn It's all good tho Dumb foos can't see "REAL"
1:33 AM June 18, 2013 ajojaboy said:

I came back to say this **** actually pretty fye. It's about to stay in regular rotation.
10:29 PM June 17, 2013 ajojaboy said:

pretty smooth