MT - B.E.A.S.T

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6:27 AM June 29, 2013 Shaun_Allen via Mobile:

Ran across this randomly.. I never click on the Indy section!! THE CD IS GREAT!! I have no clue who this guy it will be played at a loud volume!! JUST HIT PLAY!!
12:08 PM June 23, 2013 KAC87 said:

****ing dope mixtape!
10:57 PM June 21, 2013 210undergroundrapper via Mobile:

This is fire...
Dont hear that trap rap...
Nor that hip pop...
HIPHOP...thats the feeling i love...
This is mad ill...Souf showing love,210undergroundrapper
1:08 PM June 20, 2013 ScottyPistols said:

We Made It Son, XXL cover coming soon
7:31 PM June 19, 2013 packerfan92 via Mobile:

This nigga dope as f**k!!!!!!!!!!
4:31 PM June 19, 2013 TimBellTv said:

This is dope. I don't compare flows but I hear a little Childish Gambino on here. His lyrics is are point.
3:26 PM June 19, 2013 supradawg22 said:

why is no body listening to this? real talent gets no shine these days