D. Poet - Full Of Focus

EZ Records' own D. Poet calls on DJ Steph Floss to put out the first edition of his "Full Of Focus" mixtape series. "Full Of Focus Pt. 1" features Spesh, with production from Track Slammerz, Ric and Thadeus, and Ill Muzik just to name a few.

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7:56 PM June 28, 2013 joneswayne305 said:

I remember dis cat he had a video with Dj Khaled a couple yrs ago on MTV i see you back at it my nigg** much love Mixtape Go Hard 305 BoI
6:40 PM June 22, 2013 guttman via Mobile:

Man it's time the real is back y'all **** niggaz was hatin it's over dpoet bout to **** da game up y'all niggaz shakin
1:18 PM June 22, 2013 Rapfiend89 said:

Steph Floss talks all through the damn songs! That nigga needs to shut the **** up!!
11:09 AM June 22, 2013 clehustla216 said:

Mixtape is tough homie i fu*** wit u video go hard to my ni*** VoTe Up
6:52 AM June 22, 2013 weezegoon said:

Keep training bro u gonna get the title