E.C. Marv - 5 Hours

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9:25 AM July 4, 2013 grovestreetvet said:

Bang then choppas hard as he'll...
4:47 PM July 3, 2013 youngrichkid said:

Im the talk of the city and the talk of these hoes
4:45 PM July 3, 2013 youngrichkid said:

Best mixtape on here s/o to ecmarv for these
1:23 PM July 2, 2013 shaw1 said:

The grind Is real I see u ec Marv!!
10:53 AM July 2, 2013 Taeblood1 said:

Bright future ahead of you real bright one keep grind.
2:26 PM July 1, 2013 poizon said:

This tape nice AF I see a lot of potential will download
12:05 PM June 30, 2013 eddie8 via Mobile:

Nice tape just more songs next time please #216
11:54 AM June 30, 2013 jmak via Mobile:

Just got the tape last night I'm defiantly gone Rock with u boy beats on deck hmu