Bookie & Spank Lee - #WrightBrothers

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5:47 PM July 10, 2013 XxguccimanexX said:

Str8up Spank i'm supporting my hood broda tax free gang tha hood made it.... i'm waiting on that documentary now, shout out to bookie too #Whislter
5:07 PM July 8, 2013 kenxlmusicgroup said:

i believe LucaBrasi_BWA is a little upset
9:49 PM July 7, 2013 fsu5 said:

Aye **** That ***** Nigga @LucaBrasi_BWA Spank Keep Droppin Homie Da City Behind #****ChasingCatNigga , #WeChasingStacks
9:28 AM July 2, 2013 def251 said:

been waiting for this to drop.... summer street anthem
2:03 PM July 1, 2013 ish__meezy said:

instant classic.. well done
11:28 PM June 29, 2013 spanklee12 via Mobile:

That's wats up homie big ups to ya glad you ****in wit the Tape Nd you chasing sum I had kys nigga
10:02 PM June 29, 2013 LucaBrasi_BWA said:

**** yall lame *** niggas bra ****,sneed,bj,nardy,bookie,and spank lee thats y im ****in your baby mama at mobile infirmary *****
1:42 PM June 29, 2013 maxxpayne101 said:

been outchea. dreams into reality #MOBBIN #251

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