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Ying Yang Twins - Ass In Session

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Uploaded 07/12/2013
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2:51 PM June 5, 2014 mck101 said:

thiese niggas fell off 10 yrs ago bruh. Ying Lame Twins
6:49 AM October 29, 2013 S7nteen said:

That **** hella weak dats my word ***** nigga shut up in go put u a application in at cvs r sum cause yo rap career ova
2:49 PM October 3, 2013 BigBoyNard said:

Dis **** go hard...if u don't like
it put it on and see what your girl...AZZ IN SESSION
10:20 PM September 22, 2013 princeofatlanta said:

yell talking about they fall off and that u forget they start this twerking and booty popping in the early 90's and this mix tape is the ****
5:57 PM September 22, 2013 just2frosty said:

everyone talking ****. this mixtape crunk.
11:14 AM August 13, 2013 atewonohh said:

They sound petty as hell for tryna claim "Haaan." This isn't 2002 anymore.
2:10 PM August 8, 2013 nishgudda said:

LOL ! time to just start trapping or get Travis porter to ghost write . **** was disappointing .
9:51 PM August 6, 2013 bradlylydell said:

To ALL The cypher thugz who always go ish to say.

My message for is:

This sis for the hoes.

Grab yo *****.