Klean - ZombieLand


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Miami rapper Klean puts forth his 6th mixtape "ZombieLand". A staple in the underground Miami rap circuit, Klean, a North Dade native, brings one of his most complete works to date. Featuring some of Florida's strongest burgeoning artists (Billy Blue, Van Dam, J Nics, and Gunplay) Klean proves why he is consistently mentioned as one of the most promising lyricists coming out of Florida. With a fluid combination of reality hip hop and club bangers, Klean has provided all fans with a new project that will be sure to build on an already increasing buzz.

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12:16 PM September 1, 2013 MHG123 said:

hes from ives dairy road miami fl, .... he not in da streets #fact
8:57 PM July 20, 2013 ElChino703 said:

My Migos on the come up you wait and see give it 10-20 years bruh
1:45 PM July 5, 2013 tru_revolutionary said:

i can dig it
8:22 PM July 4, 2013 djflock said:

He holdin it down for 305 this bit LIVE af
6:57 AM July 4, 2013 bigbrotherbrown86 via Mobile:

This tape hot. DL & vote up^^
10:13 AM July 1, 2013 hehe2323 via Mobile:

My nigga killenit only 304 hate
12:47 PM June 30, 2013 keepittrill30 via Mobile:

Gay *** name for a mixtape
9:25 AM June 30, 2013 thisismetellingubye21 via Mobile:

U gotta understand that niggas will talk about the same **** but will be a different story. But This dude is nice wit it.