Livin Proof - Heineken & Marlboro Reds

DJs: DJ Baels
Livin Proof was born on December 21, 1984, as Jeffrey Bryan Ipsaro in rural Dalton, GA. At the age of two, with his mother and older brother Christopher, they relocated to North Atlanta. Growing up in a rough neighborhood proved to shape the future in unexpected ways. He began battle rapping in high school and with quick punchlines, a dark sense of humor, and the ability to literally outwit his opponents - he would prevail a winner countless times. Later, he would battle homelessness and use the streets as a way to make ends meet. After a near death car accident, being under investigation by local police, and the birth of two children, his brother, Chris, committed suicide. He became more focused than ever to reach his goals. To date he has released six projects independently. Most notably, the mixtape series “They Got My Fingerprints” (aka TGMF) tells the rappers past explicitly. Volumes 1-4 are reminiscent of southern trap music, most comparable to that of the early releases of fellow Atlantans, T.I. and Young Jeezy. With heavy influences of Pastor Troy and the Southern rap group Dirty, TGMF would chronologize Livin Proof’s experiences and bring forward his inner struggle between good and evil. Residing in North Atlanta, he became well known amongst locals, selling his mixtapes out of the trunk of his car. This would lead to making connections within the industry and working with local Dj’s such as DJ Burn One, DJ Takeover, and most recently DJ Baels. In 2011, his mixtape single, “In a Chevy” featuring Forest Factory found its way to Battlegrounds on Atlanta hip hop radio station Hot 107.9. Of his released mixtapes, production credits include Unique Beats, Foss, B. Nice, & J Dub of All Aboard Beats (ScottyATL, B.O.B.), Speakaman, Kane Beatz (Lil Wayne, Drake), Sak Pase (Kanye West, Rihanna), Sermstyle (Wiz Khalifa, Game), and many more. With melodic southern beats, home grown lyrics, and unstoppable, window-shattering bass, Livin Proof’s music is making its way into the homes and cars of hip hop lovers all around the city. With a tenacious thirst for success as well as hope to realize a dream for a fallen brother, Livin Proof has set out to prove that he is not trying to fit into societal molds or standards, he is who he is. In his words, “I’m just Livin Proof... of the way they made me.”

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6:31 AM December 22, 2013 Will197 said:

Yo nigga dis **** is crack
2:59 PM July 6, 2013 yunglyon said:

another solid tape... keep it comin'; it'll pay off.
12:42 AM July 5, 2013 queyvo7 via Mobile:

Str8 drop this ya boi D
9:49 PM July 1, 2013 Lproof said:

thanks for the support yall!!! NAWFATL in the building
10:58 PM June 30, 2013 crutty1 said:

mixtape is str8 crack !!! #Y.H.M.M eastBaltimore
4:34 AM June 30, 2013 Ebeylanes via Mobile:

Ga stand up!!! Gainesville Ga (COG) checkn in...u on ya way guy...New Era