Last Night In Paris - Roses

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2:25 AM July 28, 2013 warren951 said:

lol thought the first comment said #transgender. cool tape
3:08 PM July 1, 2013 brucey1 said:

#3 fire nice tape
1:24 AM July 1, 2013 trent7557 via Mobile:

It's not bad. Cover got my attention
12:00 AM June 30, 2013 elliotness said:

I like this mixtape. The cover caught my attention so I had to check it out and I like what I heard.
4:32 PM June 29, 2013 shellshocker9 said:

This tape super dope. Yall keep doing yall thing. Love international hip hop and I'll def be putting on in the states #trendsetter