Will The Genaral - The Letter

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11:04 AM August 20, 2013 ficab_d said:

ok will turn up my boi
2:27 PM July 19, 2013 SilentSiren7 said:

aye i went to school with him he nice af and i see him going far. he has more hunger than alot of industry cats.
11:15 PM July 17, 2013 dageneral27 said:

O n i frgot PS Da General 3sss
11:13 PM July 17, 2013 dageneral27 said:

Shid my nigga im from Mississippi i gt folks yo way but dnt Nun of dat **** mean Nun if u a G
2:31 AM July 16, 2013 lazyeyez said:

gotta give respect to dat momma song realest song ever
7:33 PM July 15, 2013 shaquoi4rmkinsman said:

7:15 PM July 15, 2013 thegreat_b said:

lavthagod need to stfu dis mixtape fire.....**** u and yo underground nigga
7:09 PM July 15, 2013 yungdon151 said:

damn bro i see you got haters on here