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8:10 PM March 27, 2014 Big_t_Beast said:

wife was originally cheif keef rollin ta me dats better spenzo voice hella lame on wife her i hate dat song but i ****s wit him
8:21 AM January 24, 2014 poloz1 said:

3:04 PM December 5, 2013 PinkToxicity said:

that Young Chop beat is the BEST INVESTMENT this guy made!!! Wife Er go Hard!!!!
6:09 PM November 16, 2013 Juniorpimp90 said:

Chicago has a Engelwood too you dip****s....lmao
5:04 PM November 12, 2013 dnice36 via Mobile:

This my nigga if u dnt like spenzo its cool u just dnt understand him rich crew ****
2:51 PM November 6, 2013 Tinopimpin said:

this go hard
6:06 PM July 22, 2013 djohn1 said:

Derrick Rose is from Englewood dumb *****es, he talk about his hood all the time, who the **** you think was talkin in the intro!
6:04 PM July 22, 2013 djohn1 said:

Englewood in Chicago is quite real!! Talkin about the REAL Englewood you wouldn't last a day.