JGRXXN - 1995

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7:43 AM July 15, 2013 CamTyrell_ via Mobile:

JGRXXN blessed the streets. Trill *** nigga
8:48 PM July 13, 2013 yogi25 said:

aye bro your beats are on fire but when you rap you sound like a lil rat hahaha gemnine on the beat.
4:46 PM July 12, 2013 Juugs said:

im ****ing with this.
7:39 AM July 11, 2013 wambito via Mobile:

This **** bump tell your boys to tell they boys mafia 4 life no order juicy j Dj Paul j green best producers o and me wambito mmaaa maaa maa mafia
3:25 PM July 10, 2013 djpaulandjuicyj said:

classic j green up next da mafia6ix cant wait get em j green
1:16 AM July 10, 2013 da2nd said:

Niggas pls stop sleepin on j green my nig is a beast 314 n dis hoes
1:06 AM July 10, 2013 kentheknowing1 said:

...raw, when you go through a bunch of trash indy mixtapes and then click this not expecting a good *** intro
10:29 PM July 9, 2013 tokyo_democrat_ said:

I have no words for this awesome *** mixtape.