The Smokers Club - OIL:710


I worked on this cd for the past 6 months.... Thats a lie but it sounded cool so fuck it lol, this compilation is a combo of some of my favorite artists I fuck w & having a bunch of dope music from them that i thought needed to be shared with the world on this wonderful holiday.... If your out the loop 7:10 is a new smokers holiday, find u some OIL & get to burnin. Enjoy your 7:10 while listening to this OIL. O & give us some credit when you post this dont act like it didnt come from The Smokers Club GoodTalk ya Pricks
-Jonny Shipes

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7:04 AM August 31, 2013 usda2day said:

DIS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT!!..a good *** mixtape..been a long time since I heard somethin like it on REPEAT
11:39 AM August 7, 2013 tylergoff said:

710 spells oil backwards
5:51 PM August 4, 2013 bsreid3 said:

Wondering where this whole 710 **** comes from... Figured it was an area code, but the only area code it's used for is reserved for the federal gov of the US? Maybe I'm paranoid?
6:16 PM August 3, 2013 THEMASTERADIDA478 said:

Hefna Gwap
11:30 PM July 29, 2013 kcirtap1 via Mobile:

Kirk knight is nice
11:40 PM July 24, 2013 Bammbino17 said:

Mobb Squad yella b snappin lil T he go...its DUVAL or DIE FUk niggas
11:36 PM July 24, 2013 Joey_RoSay said:

Track # 3 hard as hell
11:33 PM July 24, 2013 Joey_RoSay said:

Alpine Funk that deal