ANTHM - The Fire Next Time EP

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10:29 PM February 20, 2014 swaggaright54 said:

this nigga can go. im glad i found this keep the realness going.- Nashville
12:59 PM October 28, 2013 t_r_j said:

Real cool tape. I never get disappointed with ANTHM.
12:40 PM July 12, 2013 caiush said:

elevator hip hop music..nice flow, can't stand the beats.
9:19 AM July 11, 2013 MrForeign said:

wow. its refreshing to hear real words.
6:36 AM July 11, 2013 ava_white said:

Finally! Some real ****! Poetic! I love the whole mixtape!
1:32 AM July 11, 2013 MusicParent said:

The Flow is from the Heart to the Mind- True feeling expressed in a Creative way. May PEACE be upon you.