Matt Cash - Cash Rules

DJs: DJ Twin
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5:14 AM September 1, 2013 Vocalz3 said:

I like His Music No Matter what Folks peeps say & it sounds good!!
10:14 PM July 30, 2013 deathxx_412 said:

why this whi-te dude have more bars then some of these lame niggas out here
5:53 PM July 30, 2013 Tactile said:

****ing ******. that **** with the 'xanax' beanie in the video is doing too much. go watch spring breakers you ****ing disgrace
12:35 PM July 29, 2013 bobo2854 said:

Naw Cash don't say Nigga! that Indy added dat!
12:13 PM July 26, 2013 C021297 via Mobile:

You have good songs but most people aren't gonna like this type of rap it sounds random and isn't catchy the key is to make it catchy so they'll play it more and more people will hear it.
10:09 AM July 26, 2013 zekwame said:

he said nigga 1000000 times in the first 3 songs WTF
9:40 AM July 26, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

who the **** is this fag