Smitty Soul - Hip Hop... It's A Hell Of A Drug

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Aha we have officially released my first solo Project produced entirely by Ryan&Smitty, my first Motion Picture Film #Animal, directed by The McNamara Brothers, and my first Live Unplugged Show at the HOB in Hollywood, I'm so blessed!!! My excitement is building!! Hip Hop...It's a Hell of a Drug is out. Ryan and I worked deligently to bring you this labor of love. I won't lie. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me... Finally settling in as an artist, settling in on a sound and taking risks at the same time. This was a whole new process for me. My family, friends, and anyone else who knows me has heard my ramblings of confidence and uncertainty behind my decision to do a project. What have I been up to lately? Well... living the musical dream. Doing writing sessions and making beats with my super producing counterpart Ryan Marrone. I have officially crossed over. Caochella here i come! lol. I am amazed that in the last year I've been blessed to produce tracks for Nicky Minaj and Alien Ant Farm. I hopped in a phone booth ala Clark Kent (i haven't seen one in years), threw a cape on to bring you Smitty Soul. A small piece of me in doses we all can handle. I love all the support I've received along the way and I can't wait to hear what the critics have to say. Stay tuned I can guarantee Ryan&Smitty are going to continue to bring you quality production. I promise to continue to develop as an artist and work as hard as possible to get better with each project I drop!! Thanks for listening!!

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