The Birth Of The Grey Tape

A tribute to Dj Screw. The tape displays not only music from the screw era of music but also new age artist as well such as Zavey, Supamane, iNDEED, and many more. This project is defiantly one of my favorite projects to work on because of the history this man has made and the path he gave artist such as Lil Keke, Fat Pat, yungstar, Z-Ro, and others.Featured on This project is a regular speed project (sorry screw heads haha) but will promise to have the chopped and screwed version dropped shortly. Well, enough talking, Ill let the tape do that! Get your 3 disc copy below!! #RIPDJSCREW

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6:46 PM November 13, 2015 Bahrbeeb via Mobile:

Way back like a Cadillac.... 98-02... what you know about swishahouse... undaground...not main stream!
11:33 PM October 1, 2015 babyray77701 via Mobile:

Kuz Mike Jones. Who Dike Jones a hoe.
9:32 AM September 22, 2015 joshcoolbreeze said:

I wonder why Still Tippin Mike Jones ain't up here?? .. another banga from H Town
6:31 PM February 26, 2015 BresDad via Mobile:

I'm ready to smoke
7:28 AM April 21, 2014 poohlok via Mobile:

We bang this in da TONE~210
3:03 AM December 30, 2013 thekiller2818 said:

Representin H-town 713 NAftside This is a CLASSIC!!! RIP TO DJ SCREW , BIG MOE, Pimp C!!
2:12 PM August 2, 2013 gemohuey said:

when dat screw version comin out
3:54 AM August 2, 2013 aztone23 via Mobile:

Disrespect not having the sp Mexi on this