Blanco Caine - White America

Chicago native and CEO of Cash Gang Empire, Blanco Caine delves into "White America" and all it entails. From hustling, to slavery and racism. No subject is off limits. He is also joined by other Chicago natives, his partner in crime Bodi Deeder and former Cash Money artist Mikkey Halstead. Features by Young Buck and production by C-Sick & Young Chop are also included. This project is hosted by Supastar J. Kwik! (formerly the Official DJ for Gucci Mane), Chicago power hitter DJ Vic Lloyd and the OG Bigga Rankin (responsible for breaking more artists than the law allows)

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7:45 PM August 6, 2013 Kevodadon said:

Vote this **** up!!! Blanco killed this tape. Old school got it souped up and dat ***** runnin like 2 chainz!
8:15 PM August 5, 2013 JessicaHeart said:

Luv him ;)
8:14 PM August 5, 2013 KillaWardAshland said:

Talking **** lol
7:56 PM August 5, 2013 KillaWardAshland said:

7:53 PM August 5, 2013 KillaWardAshland said:

Beats cool but **** this mexican mf he aint black
7:46 PM August 5, 2013 luvhate101 said:

5:32 PM August 5, 2013 NeedPromotions said:

Search Why Cue on here.. [Can't Break The Concrete V3] Mixtape #SUPPORT #LISTEN #SPG #VOTE UP
5:21 PM August 4, 2013 janicefoltz said:

tight af