#Phuck Yo DJ 3

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11:30 AM September 18, 2013 donutsNITE999 said:

that nigga woop FYE AS HELL THO!!!!
11:38 AM August 13, 2013 777djmbeez said:

djel***** **** u and yo favorite rapper/dj is me been me like bun b say if you don t like that a fight go wit it nigga im in tha streetz of jackson ain t going nowhere
11:31 AM August 13, 2013 777djmbeez said:

i been mr **** yo favorite dj 4 over 5 years eat a **** and im in jackson ,ms nigga watch where you end up ****boi as 4 beef nigga im not an internet dj i get street money
11:25 AM August 13, 2013 777djmbeez said:

i didn t find this **** another nigga said come check u niggas out thgere was some biting going on
11:25 AM August 13, 2013 777djmbeez said:

**** tony davis the dj im not no internet gangsta *****face *** nigga im a real nigga from tha streetz who get street money i don t want fame nigga
10:53 AM August 13, 2013 tonydavisthedj said:

DJ MB get a life... How you a best kept secret and internationally known. Winn is family. Try googling the brands... COol Running DJs forever you scrub *** nigga.
2:00 AM August 11, 2013 DJELPLAGA said:

djmbeez you aint running FYFD thats my series patna
2:47 AM August 10, 2013 islandbwy via Mobile:

Woop needa drop