Bo Deal - Thug Education 101


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11:59 AM May 15, 2014 brandonzz said:

Yeah my name is 1017troll and I be Gucci's groupie backstage at all his shows and I am really from St Louis but **** cus I am a Gucci groupie I'll claim East Atlanta. Nigga you're hella lame-o
2:27 PM March 5, 2014 westsidemonsta said:

1017 shut up hating *****. You hate everything and everybody but bring your *** out west and get stretched you aint drillin
12:56 AM March 4, 2014 justin11121 said:

for real tho, who like this garbage *** rap?? bo deal aint got no flow, no lyrics, and the beats don't even slap. hang it up bo, ya rap career aint goin no where. real talk
6:11 PM September 23, 2013 no_limit_vlad via Mobile:

Bo go hard
7:47 AM September 16, 2013 mrchitown5 said:

Bo Deal my nigga but wit da wrong niggaz bsm iz not da biz bo doin big thangz bsm aint ready fo dat they holdin him back
3:25 AM September 4, 2013 tpballas said:

bsm flop stars at it again lol
6:05 PM August 29, 2013 vertnigga via Mobile:

Brick Squad Monopoly
2:13 PM August 29, 2013 diaby420 said:

nigga what does BSM stand fo??????????lol