Brady Vans - Rosewood

Brady Vans, born Brady Van Nostrand on February 9th, 1989, is an American hip-hop artist from Portland, Oregon. At 24 years old, he is coming into his own as a artist, and has released an array of songs periodically along the way as well as a collaborative project with Dre C. Brady Vans also resided in Hollywood, California where he honed his skill and found himself as an artist, influencing and helping shape and inspire the first chapter of his story. Portland, Oregon is also known as The Rose City which gave Brady Vans the concept to put the two worlds together and the result was Rosewood.

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6:47 PM August 18, 2013 pjm09 said:

nice good to see ppl do good especially from the west coast
7:32 PM August 16, 2013 Graben94 said: