DK All Day - Smxcked Up Sessions EP

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The 'Smxked-Up-Sessions' EP is the 2nd instrumental project from DK all day [D.K.A.D], and also the 1st project since 2011's "Addictions & Prescriptions". This EP is also following 2012's 'SLANG-LIFE' E.P. collaboration with the artist A-Train (@WhoIsTrain). D.K. explains the 'smxked-up-sessions' E.P. as a suped up, odd, but shorter continuation of "A&P" that premiered on @indytapes. D.K. is releasing the 'smxcked-up-sessions' EP to give back to the people who enjoyed the uniqueness & simplicity of "A&P", and to show that producer's shouldn't sacrifice their creativity even in the midst of crafting record's for artists.

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