Bigg Gatt - Loyalty F*cc Royalty

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12:49 PM March 21, 2014 lilnell843 said:

lilnell savage life #salute
9:13 PM October 24, 2013 DJBADDTHAPROBLEM said:

**** em real street muzik mixtapes they ****ing stupid ****s **** em **** em **** em clowns
11:51 PM September 17, 2013 yagirlsam said:

luvin this music on the bigg gatt album , luvin real street muzik mixtapes movement is really strong i just luv it kiss kiss
11:20 AM August 25, 2013 bigdiamond1497 via Mobile:

My bruh got me waving like PAC ......REAL MUSIC
9:13 PM August 24, 2013 SALUTE2DAHUSTLE said:

salute i ****kkkkkkkkkssssssss i fucccccccckssssss wit real street muzik mixtapes
4:02 AM August 23, 2013 CHITOWNCHERRY said:

gots ya chi town in here seen it on real street muzik promo
3:52 AM August 23, 2013 chadinaustralia18 said:

this gone worldwide i'm in perth (australia) and i found it ,wow love this
10:44 PM August 22, 2013 6Neiljr said:

U did this one dolo and and put ur heart into this much love proud of u bruh ur bruh Young Dex #Blaccout