Go Dreamer - The Outta Here Project

A producer, songwriter and all together winning artist out of Atlanta, Go Dreamer is a cyborg born of heart and space-age technology. " The Outta Here project"is a dizzying adventure of clever rhymes, noxious visuals and shoulder shifting beats. As a former member of Hollyweerd and a current contributor to the GRAMMY nominated The Flush, aka Stankonia Studios, Go Dreamer's brand of eclecticism is surrounded by a system that understands the mesh of pop, weird and truth. The Outta Here Project (and its accompanying videos) meshes club knocking beats and ethereal mind transformations that blow smoke in the face of traditional cadences. Off the strength of his solo material—Animals vs. Machines 2 Side: (A)nimals being the first half of Go Dreamer's mixtape epic—and work with The Flush, the #NewAtlanta headliner will be putting in work at the front of the stage in 2013. February sees gigs with Houston's all-gold-everything Trinidad James and April means performances with OutKast's Big Boi. The latter is especially fitting with all of The Flush's production credits on Big Boi's lastest opus, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

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9:31 PM August 31, 2013 schadow404 said:

this **** go bro...
9:30 PM August 31, 2013 schadow404 said:

This **** go bro...
11:20 PM August 27, 2013 jonesthagloryus said:

i gotta praise the lord
before i scratch my nuts
wake up to a triple bee big booty and a blunt
this mixtape is cool triple bee is my ****
2:43 PM August 23, 2013 DrizzyWeezy via Mobile:

12:02 PM August 23, 2013 marshknotts said:

nevermind man, still amazing music though!
11:59 AM August 23, 2013 marshknotts said:

11:59 AM August 23, 2013 marshknotts said:

this aleon craft???

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