J-Prince - Be There In A Minute

DJs: DJ Jerry
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8:13 PM September 3, 2013 Mr__McKenzie said:

I'm ****in with the tape
8:13 PM September 3, 2013 Mr__McKenzie said:

@s8045488 Nobody gives a damn about Milwuakee
2:17 PM September 1, 2013 pooloc said:

@c_sekerak.. dam homie get out ya fellings. u know J PRINCE C.E.O. OF RAP-A-LOT RECORDS. dam them facts. the truth can never be hate. god love the truth. peace my brother
12:28 AM September 1, 2013 shmoked_out said:

Dis **** GO my nigga!
11:13 PM August 31, 2013 s8045488 via Mobile:

Dis nigga weak..im from milwaukee and aint nobody but dude n his friends listening to this..nobody else n tha mil ****in wit dis..keep doin ya thang tho bro
8:25 PM August 28, 2013 longo2689 said:

numbers 1-9 go hard
7:20 PM August 28, 2013 c_sekerak said:

@bigtats @poolac @Cityofdope hatin ahh hoes. why dont yall quit flappin ya **** suckas and #AddItUp
7:17 PM August 28, 2013 swagg_committee via Mobile:

Somebody tell J.Prince sign em and make some extra cash..cuz dis **** ride