P Rico - Welcome To Puerto Rico

Featured INDY Re-Release

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10:58 AM April 2, 2018 dean_nigga via iOS App:

4:00 AM December 29, 2016 hobbyinthelobby via iOS App:

He out now hope he drop some new ****
12:45 PM January 11, 2016 Killwaukee via iOS App:

Dis nigga dope he needa come out wit new ****. Only other songs I heard not on dis mixtape was "Hot Nigga" n "How" which were dope straight up
9:00 PM September 4, 2015 layzie415 via iOS App:

Bruh "GDK" and "BDK" are not gangs/groups/clicks/nations or whatever they just gang terms so please stop it with "**** BDK/GDK" **** yall sound stupid as ****k !
6:43 PM April 29, 2015 walelpver said:

P rico we need some new
10:20 PM January 4, 2015 Matown said:

As of 2015 P rico gon fell way off I thought this tape was gonna propel him to new heights but he couldnt maintain his buzz cause he lazy he aint release nothin since this almost 2 years ago now.
2:46 AM November 21, 2014 hotboy778 said:

*** gdk **** boi
3:17 AM November 19, 2014 tyge34f said:

This nigga *** I'll take Jtrill who dropped soul of a savage warzone the other day his lyrics pretty straight plus his beats hit hard least Florida niggas have some to talk about Chicago suck