Supakali - WTFISK (Who The F*ck Is Supa Kali)

Greedmont Park and Hoodrich Ent. presents, the debut project from Atlanta rapper,Supakali, entitled WTFISK. Complete with features from Mach Five and Perrion, this is the perfect soundtrack stones and music lovers. Come fly high on a journey to greatness as a kid from Georgia chases his dreams and make them a reality. Hosted by @HeHoodrich

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6:12 PM December 4, 2013 Beelzedoub said:

Fueggg. **** is Lit!!!!!
2:30 PM September 18, 2013 snooprobbins23 via Mobile:

Kali I see you...frenchy hell on da tracks
2:28 PM September 18, 2013 snooprobbins23 via Mobile:

Musical dope wea is my lighter
3:22 PM September 13, 2013 dharris505 said:

#Salute Bruh !
11:43 AM September 10, 2013 SoGone3nt said:

Classic ! #WTFISK
3:38 AM September 9, 2013 jdotmason via Mobile:

smoove tape u got homie
12:22 AM September 9, 2013 LeviPatton said:

Musical Dope is Fresh.
1:29 PM September 8, 2013 AaronThaGreat said:

Dope *** tape