Jay Hen Gwoppa - Zone 6 Gwoppa

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7:40 PM April 29, 2014 brucejenner via Mobile:

He the closest to gucci you can get
5:37 AM April 7, 2014 Trappaoftheyear via Mobile:

Tape stupid tight trap talk like gucci mane
2:03 PM March 4, 2014 CHIRAQLOUDPAKKKK via Mobile:

@trap_hittaz14 OMS that Bruce lee smakinn this still jay hen Gwoppa hardest tape SWISH BANG HARD TOO
12:53 AM February 21, 2014 trap_hittaz14 said:

dat bruce lee **** bangin my nigga!
10:42 AM October 9, 2013 prico74 said:

i look at all yo tapes fam this the hardest cat on this trap **** no deal either he sound like future mixed w/ gucci i like him w/ sum migos type flows he hot 513 to 773
10:31 AM October 9, 2013 ticosuin said:

hen keep giving it to these lil nigggga i hear you og Gwoppa
10:22 AM October 9, 2013 ticosuin said:

this tape brazy bloood
12:06 PM October 4, 2013 ChaseNMoneey via Mobile:

My nigga gwappa we going to the top northpole ****!