Dee Goodz - Donny Cash


Hunger for success and a relentless work ethic were the driving forces behind Dee Goodz unexpected DONNY CASH mixtape release. Having amassed a huge catalogue of songs during the recording process for his debut album 'FFM' which is due to be released in the near future, Dee could not wait a second longer to release this juggernaut of a mixtape into the universe.

The production on this project is aggressive and melodic throughout, the concepts and content are relative, current and relatable, and the hooks are clever and catchy. Nesby Phips, Da$h, Ro Spit, and the Key Wane produced track Eatin, are all featured on the project as well. If this mixtape is comprised of the songs that didn't make his album, we all might be in for a real treat when Dee Goodz debut album FFM drops.

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6:04 PM November 14, 2013 Scoop4232 said:

BMore stand up my nigga 410
3:52 PM October 20, 2013 jujurightnow said:

Love a few tracks here : "In a Minute", "Nothin", "Anotha Day", "Hall of Fame". Those tracks had great productions. That was enough to make me want to listen to his other mixtapes.
11:03 PM October 18, 2013 AwesomeMusic said:

Well @Juswolf22 is obvi a troll hater cause he just keeps tryna leave a hater comment on the top of Dee's comments haha. Everybody knows damn well this tape is FIRE!
3:55 PM October 14, 2013 juswolf22 via Mobile:

The score obviously shows this is dee goodz weakest tape. Numbers don't lie
9:53 AM September 29, 2013 badazz_pcp said:

Real ****
12:29 PM September 25, 2013 SLAPUP said:

615 Stand up
9:58 AM September 17, 2013 hemi said:

#11 is hardest song except for that screaming
11:36 AM September 16, 2013 tmorrison said:

you know what damn near from top to bottom i tell ya