The Melker Project - The Melker Project 3

Hi. I'm The Melker Project. I am a mashup and remix artist based in New York City. I take songs you love and turn them into songs you will love even more. Sometimes people call me Johnny Cashin Out, Skeetwood Mac, Booty Huxtable, Skeevie Tricks, A$AP Scotty, Ballin Oates, Trill Collins, Holla Pe, Melkradamus, Melka Flocka Flame, Ricky Exit-Row-Zay and Lil Yung Melks. Come to a show and say hi.

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7:05 PM November 20, 2013 Jamiegm08 said:

This **** rocks !!!
3:09 PM September 23, 2013 mista_1300 said:

not bad. its actually pretty good
5:32 AM September 21, 2013 jjgubb said:

GOOD STUFF RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!! AND I KNOW MY ****!!!!!!!
2:14 PM September 18, 2013 hendoe2 said:

yeah these mashups on point
8:24 PM September 16, 2013 n0va said:

Nice, Reminds me of Girl Talk!
7:30 PM September 16, 2013 thisisdjtical said:

F***IN' GENIUS!!!!!!!
6:15 PM September 16, 2013 prorider972 said:

Excellente cassette!!!
12:16 PM September 16, 2013 tillamonsta said:

Saw him on tour with Ying Yang Twins and he tore it down. Next level DJ/producer, get hip!