Veli Sosa - Time To Kill


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3:45 PM October 19, 2015 Leon_fa_du_fond said:

Veli Sosa Knows How 2 Roll!!! Keep it ONE HUNNA!!!!
10:03 PM May 2, 2015 NoOneElse said:

10:12 PM April 8, 2015 Mcrem via Mobile:

This tape is nice, love the last song... +from me
5:59 AM February 11, 2015 LouiGucciPrada said:

ugly *** nigga look like a lil boosie zombie
1:32 AM January 23, 2015 JJS via Mobile:

Salute DTE. Veli, Trouble, and Pesci all put that work in on these tapes. Real street rappers that make real street music.
10:44 PM January 22, 2015 thedonofall said:

as well as Plies and Fat Joe (Ever since 'Gay Mafia' ytibe Vlad iview) they spit reality **** we the blk community facing economic robes white justice & dr claude anderson google
10:42 PM January 22, 2015 thedonofall said:

Alley Boy not shouting Nigganati and Black Panthers 4 nothin y'all better wake up them third eyes asap Lil Boosie another one they try to blacklist
10:41 PM January 22, 2015 thedonofall said:

G-unit dropped "Ahh ****" its Gangsta/Conscious and thats where we need to move forget this party/swag its ok to have here n there but overall more majority of Awareness in our music #DTE